Tompkins Square Bagels, Manhattan

The restroom is in the back, left corner of the store, and it is spotless.

13th Street 5th Floor Studios, Parsons

Make a right off the elevator. The restrooms are down the hall on the right.

Sotheby’s, Upper East Side

The restrooms are on the second floor behind the real estate desk.

Fairgrounds, Kutztown PA

The restrooms are behind the quilt barn.

The Restaurant Formerly Known As Snack Dragon

The restroom is in the back of the room on the left, for now.

Habana, Brooklyn

The restrooms are at the very back of the inside part of the restaurant.

Sayville Beach, Sayville

Restrooms are in the pavilion between the playground and the beach.

Seacrest Palace Diner, Sayville

The restrooms are to the left of the counter, under the neon “restroom” sign.

Asiana Bistro Fusion, Fresh Meadows

The restrooms are in the back left corner of the restaurant.

My Gym, Fresh Meadows